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Saturday, April 10, 2010

40 Volume to Freedom

A blonde bombshell is like a caged panther: powerful, beautiful, elegant, and unreachable. Like most brunettes I have longed to be a platinum blonde. About 5 years ago I managed to achieve a shade of gold even Gwen could be proud of! Eventually I had to admit defeat. I could not keep up with the maintenance, but I vowed to one day revisit the blonde. I am on my way now-my platinum highlights are quickly multiplying.
Photographic proof of my blonde ambition! photo by Genevieve Dietz

Kate Moss

Chloe Sevigne

Drew Barrymore

Gwen Stefani

Lara Stone

Madonna circa 1991

 Madonna True Blue

Marilyn Monroe the Original

1 comment:

  1. I been blonde in the past and yes a little bit of me want's to go back there.


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