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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inside My Lair...

Everyone knows dragons live in a lair...right? Well, I'm lucky enough to have one of my very own. I wanted to share a little behind the scenes of where all the magic (or more often) mess happens. As my husband described it to our boys: "Remember that mad scientist from the old Superman cartoons? Well, when Mom is in this room, she is that scientist, and this is her lab. So, don't disturb her or bad things might happen..." I like that analogy!

 A portion of my inspiration board...


  1. Lovely room! I feel creative just looking at it!

  2. You go girl..You are very creative! It's awesome to have a designer local...Great things you are creating and posting. I don't get around the internet often cause Im busy with friends and other things in life like being a full-time grandma, which I thoughly Enjoy! Our son Jimi is getting married July 23rd.2010 and Jim and I are so happy that he found a great girl/young woman that is beautiful..Take care and thanks for posting such amazing homemade designs!! From Rhonda Azbill


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