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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Milan Fashion Week: D&G 2010= Swiss Miss

I'm not what you would call a snow bunny (in truth I have never even been skiing) but if I were to need an oh so darling wardrobe to wear to the Swiss chalet then this would be it. D&G- Dolce and Gabanna's lower priced line is really doin' it to me. All those alpine sweaters with deer and snowflakes, furry boots, and sultry shapes-Genius!
Loving the bustier top with the puff skirt in sweater knit

Honestly a sweater bathing suit completely impractical and completely HOT!

Puff sleeve sweater with the sheer skirt...mmmm

I love the idea of the sweater pattern becoming a graphic on this sheer top

Ok- this is on the edge of crazy town- but I still love it!

In the right place at the right time I would totally wear this.

This is givin' me all sorts of ideas for recycled sweater bustiers!

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