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Friday, February 12, 2010

Tragedy: Losing McQueen

It's hard to believe the world will no longer have the genius of Alexander McQueen. He was one of my favorite designers. His runway shows were never disappointing, always full of high drama and amazing ideas. He was able to make the macabre beautiful, the gothic interesting, and old romance feel new and fresh. When you watch one of his runway shows you feel enlightened, awed, and inspired to make something with impact.

This show rocked my world, it got inside my subconscious and has influenced me ever since. I had forgotten all about it until recently and now that I have watched it again I realize how much I LOVE it.

Here are just a few of my McQueen favorites:



Check out this amazing show featuring Kate Moss as a Hologram:

And this is the accompanying show to the above clip: Fall Winter 2006

1 comment:

  1. thanks for this gorgeous post! I could watch these videos all day. What a loss.


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