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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Super Model of Dogs

My husband and I own two great danes: Paul and Natasha. They are beautiful to behold, aren't they? Great danes originated in Germany and came from the combination of a Mastiff and a Grey Hound. Natasha is much more grey hound and Paul is much more Mastiff. These two are an inseparable pair. We take them camping, walking, to our in-laws house (much to their anxiety), and sometimes to the lake. No matter where we go people always stop us and ask us about our "horses". They draw a lot of attention, just like a supermodel. They can eat whatever they want and never get fat, they don't have any cellulite, and encountering them is pretty rare. Jealous yet? As a kid, it was my DREAM to own Great Danes...isn't it nice when you get what you want?

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