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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Idol Worship

When I was a kid in the eighties, I was mostly a tom boy, but I always had a crazy obsession with glamour and sparkle. It probably all started with the Lawrence Welk Show. I religiously watched this every week. What with the bubbles and the chiffon and the dancing, it probably set the wheels in motion. I also had two much older half sisters, one of whom resembled the back up singers in the Robert Palmer video "Addicted to Love". I quickly moved on to watching Dynasty. Alexis Colby became my instant favorite. She had all the best clothes and an attitude to match.

Next came Moonlighting. I had a terrible crush on David Addison and secretly wanted to be Maddy Hayes. It got so bad that on a family vacation I had a crying fit because I couldn't watch the season finale!

Around the same time we went to stay with my Grandma Johnson who lives in the Bay Area. She had cable at the time-something I had never heard of. The moment I was allowed to pick something I wanted to see I flipped it straight to MTV. And what happened to be on? Madonna in the Like A Virgin video. I remember being completely infatuated. I wanted her hair and her clothes. Looking back, it was a little sick.

When I was around 5 my Dad bought Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on beta and I watched it over and over. The nightclub scene was my favorite. Sequins, tap dancing, diamonds, Harrison Ford, oh my!

Around this same time I discovered Marilyn Monroe, a bombshell to end all bombshells.

About 4 years later came Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Dick Tracy. That was a summer that sticks out in my mind. I loved those movies and couldn't wait to get them on video. And once I did, I got the songs and dance moves memorized. Jessica Rabbit was an over the top unattainable version of what I wanted to be. Basically, being a night club singer was on my list of career paths.

Above all Breathless Mahoney was my favorite. I loved, loved, loved Madonna in that role. In fact I won the 6th grade talent show singing "More" from the Dick Tracy soundtrack in a floor length evening gown and rhinestones!

And, well I guess all of that laid the foundation for my fascination with fashion, glamour, and the femme fatale.

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