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Monday, June 18, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Dark Pony Designs- Etsy Shop About Page

About darkponydesigns

Fall 2012 earrings in the making



My desk in my studio with some of my favorite illustrations from Etsy!

A handmade fashion collection for celebrating life, for the party girl who lives the fantasy and isn't afraid to have fun!

The inspiration for my Dark Pony Designs brand comes from the folk tale "Dark Pony" that my mom told me at bedtime as a child.

With each piece I create I want to accentuate femininity in a classic and beautiful way. I love the glamour and sparkle of glitter and rhinestones and the juxtaposition that happens when they meet soft textures of satin and lace and tulle. This collection is my fantasy wardrobe, made for everyone, that is in your face fabulous.

Each and every piece of jewelry, clothing, and every accessory is made by me in my home studio. Fashion forward designs, attention to detail and happy customers are my top priorities.

I currently live in Northern California with my husband Jason (who has been my longtime Etsy photographer) my kids, a Great Dane named Paul and a cat named Jack.

Designing is a creative outlet that I love and desperately need. As a mom to two amazing and intensely creative boys, who I also home-school, being able to work from my home studio is the answer to finding the balance that my very full life requires.

Since opening my shop in the summer of 2009 I have slowly grown my business and my brand. In 2012 Dark Pony Designs was featured in a local magazine (Enjoy!) and has been worn by vocalists Traci Hines and Christine Olivier, high fashion plus size model Velvet d'Amour, and pinup doll Ashley Marie Rosas. I am a self taught fashion designer (I learn as I go) and I originally majored in Art with a focus on photography. I have always loved fashion, as a kid I couldn't get enough of shows like Dynasty, Moonlighting, and the Miss America pageants. Vogue, Bazaar, and Interview magazines were always stacked next to my bed (and still are!)

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the multitasking needed to keep this train rolling. There are always orders to be filled, supplies to be ordered, blogging to be written, pictures to take and edit, questions to answer, new ideas to try, collections to be designed, and accounting to be completed. But, I am not a complainer and I enjoy the challenge of constant creation. I am very grateful for my customers, and I am also so appreciative of any success.

This is my dream and I am so excited that I get to live it. I am looking forward to expanding and exploring what is next for the Dark Pony brand and for myself!

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