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Friday, May 18, 2012

Talent Show 1992

In sixth grade on the last day of school, we had a talent show. At the last minute I decided to sing "More" by Madonna from the Dick Tracy soundtrack. I had my costume, cassette tape, and accessories in a plastic grocery bag in my back pack just in case I mustered up the courage to get up in front of 100 kids and sing. Keep in mind I never had any singing lessons, I just assumed I could do it. And for whatever reason, I did and I won! It was a really satisfying way to end sixth grade. As time went on though, I never sang in front of an audience again (unless you count karaoke). 
Now, my son is 11 and in sixth grade, and is a better singer than I'll ever be. He loves to be on stage, and he has had so many more opportunities, music lessons, and encouragement than I ever had. And I am so happy that he gets to experience his dream. Now that I have come full circle, I want to learn how to sing for real! And, to have fun with music. And to know the joy of performing. Will I be able to recapture that feeling on the last day of sixth grade?
 Time is a stranger and life is a song.

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