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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Good Alice/Bad Alice

This amazing photo was a collaboration between myself and my friend Lyn Azar Rosten. We had been talking about working together for so long and when it all came together, I have to say, I felt a little magic in the air! We wanted to explore the idea of the innocent Alice, of the familiar Louis Carrol story, sitting on the banks of the creek with her cat Dinah being watched by the darker side of her own self. And instead of following the white rabbit to Wonderland, she cannot resist the temptation of the beckoning black rabbit, and so she loses herself in the shadows of the unfamiliar journey in the forest. I love the fantasy of it all, and that we managed to use real animals! I would love to take this idea to the next level: a series of dark and light fairy tale characters!
Photo: Lyn Azar Rosten via
Hair and Makeup: Anna Brown
Custom Costumes: Dark Pony Designs
Model: Robin N. Fator (me)

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