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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Inspiration: Illustration

Gwen Stefani Art Print

Gwen Stefani Art Print
Edward Scissorhands Art Print

Love, Sweet Love

Love, Sweet Love, A4 Giclee print
Queen of Midnight, A4 giclee print 
Queen of Midnight 

From CaitlinShearer

All the letters

All the letters
My tea party ACEO
My tea party


..Vanity... Large 
Lolitas... Small Lolitas...

Lately I have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of amazingly talented illustrative artists with shops on Etsy. If I could I would cover my walls with their fantastic talents! Being an art major in college I was required to take several drawing classes and I struggled with all of them. I am better at mixed media, abstract, and collage, but, I have always wished I could illustrate. The ability to have an idea of any kind and then just make it come to life with nothing more than pen, ink, and paper is something that shouldn't be taken for granted. It really is a wondrous thing. One of my long time BFFs  just happens to be one of those super talented artists. Anyways, here are some of my favorites, I hope you love them and find as much inspiration as I have.

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  1. Aw thanks so much for posting my work and your nice comments to boot! :)


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