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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inspiration taking flight...


 Black velvet wall paper, and a Rodarte original sketch of the Black Swan costume. 

Movie Poster
Even before seeing "Black Swan" I was under the spell of birds wings and tulle poufs. But, once the credits began to roll, inspiration was taking hold. 
When Etsy picture day was at hand, we were lucky enough to have a fog bank roll into our back yard, so my husband said: "Hey, get your self together and lets get out there and take some amazing shots before the sun comes out! Hurry!"
I know there are more tutus to come and a few more Black Swan items up my sleeve, so stay tuned...


  1. i still think, can't really shake it, if i ever do get married (a BIG if since i don't have a boy at the moment) ... i want to pull a real-life sjp stunt and wear an lbd just like yours above for the elopement festivities (um, yeah. i'd totally elope too) ...

  2. Frankly I say, you look fantastic, well done

    Great entry.



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