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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Sucker for Love...

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Quite a few years ago when Tom Ford was still the captain of Gucci, a human heart pendant caught my eye in Vogue magazine. Another one of those images that files it's self away only to return vivid and inspiring. After reading "Blood Sucking Fiends" by Christopher Moore, and getting a little caught up in the overwhelming vampire trend: I have produced the first of what I would like to call Glamorous Grotesque.

Bite Me: A Love Story


  1. Beyond amazing - you could charge a lot of money for that!! haha

    I read your comment on tavi's blog about hole and thought - you might find my post useful. I am such a huge hole fan so I collected all the official music videos I could find and put them all in one post. You can find it here -

    Paddy xx


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