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Sunday, June 6, 2010

She & Him & a little thing called Jealousy

I have just recently become a fan of the band She and Him. I think I resisted for a while, because Zooey is just so darling and cutesy.  So much so, that I might want to strangle her... just a little bit.  Perhaps it's those vintage-y day dresses and flirty bangs that really get to me. If I'm being honest: I really like her style and I will say I find it inspirational (although maybe not all that original). All that said: the music (Volume One and Two) is really enjoyable and fun to sing along with. I find myself drifting off into imagining myself on stage, bangs and all, looking into the eyes of adoring fans. In fact, it's sort of the perfect sound track to summer.
Zooey in SELF magazine

Zooey again in SELF magazine wearing Prada

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