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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Target Torture

I went into Target the other day, just to get toilet paper, and made the mistake of "browsing" otherwise known as torturing myself for fun. In 15 minutes I found about $500 worth of stuff that I would have liked to have put in that basket. But, I held back. Here are some of the finds I thought I would let my dear readers in on...
Mossimo Sunglasses in every color (including plaid) look familiar?
Rodarte delicious

Red Tartan pumps-come to mama!

Giant White carry-all

 Amazing Spiderweb Tights

New sunglasses that actually achieve a vintage look


  1. the rodarte for target collection is fab! of course it sucks being an x-small and learning only x-large is available. there was this lovely rodarte for target floral-printed raincoat that i was dying to get and it was the only thing that was my size! however, it cost way more than i had (esp considering i'm not broke and unemployed). so i totally understand your disappointment about that ordeal!

    the giant white carry-all seems smashing! :) thats about it that i actually must-have lust/want in this post. x.

  2. I love the last pair of glasses, would love them even more in a light brown or champagne color!


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