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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gobs of Glamour at the Golden Globes

From what I got to see of the Golden Globes on Sunday night there was a little bit of a shift on the red carpet. Previous years have been all about black, white, and shades of nude floor length strapless gowns. Safe, boring, and repetitive. This year there was a lot of asymmetry, draping, color, and detailing. I didn't love it all, and there were (as always) some unfortunate choices- but it was refreshing to see something a little different. Here are my favorites:

Christian Lacroix




  1. oh wow. i love the bottom 2. i'm actually doing a gloden globe fashion faves of my own blog post. do check it out. x.

  2. Did you write that? Shit... I bestow my BA of English on you, fiend...


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