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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Journey of the Jumpsuit

About a month ago I went garage sale-ing with my mom (this is one of our favorite pass-times) in Old Shasta a little community right outside of where I live.  While digging through the clothing racks I came across this amazing purple jumpsuit!
I thought, "Oh Yeah! This gem is going in my vintage etsy store."( When I showed it to my mom she said, "Who would want that?!"
 I said, "What?! This is fabulous!"
And sure enough it sold the same day I listed it. The buyer was a fabulous New York girl who is a fantastic customer and a very creative performance artist. So, this jumpsuit that was rescued from a small California town is livin' the big time in NYC!

From California...

Dollbaby Comedy Pilot from Elena Simon on Vimeo.

To New York!


  1. It's like when my mother asked me when I would ever wear the glittery clogs she was buying for me. I told her the real question was when WOULDN'T I wear glittery clogs?!

  2. I love the jumpsuit, so amazing I've only got one jumpsuit in my wardrobe and it's denim..............


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